Top 5 Benefits Of Hosting A Destination Wedding

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Get All-Inclusive Packages And Customised Services With Our Professional Destination Wedding Planning

Couples who want to get married abroad often find planning a Destination Wedding Planning rather intimidating, which is why many couples employ a skilled destination wedding planner.

With over 350,000 destination weddings held annually and 25% of marriages occurring abroad, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. More and more couples are choosing to have their weddings abroad because there are so many stunning wedding destinations to choose from, there is pleasant sunshine, and they want to have a truly special wedding. 

There is an endless choice of wonderful wedding locations for Destination Wedding Planning, and we are here to help you plan an unforgettable destination wedding. These locations range from private villas or Medieval castles hidden in the stunning countryside to white sand and turquoise waters of a Mediterranean or Caribbean beach.

Wedding Chiefs is the ideal destination wedding planner for you if you are thinking about having a small, private wedding ceremony, an elopement, or a larger wedding celebration. We customise each destination wedding to meet your specific needs and will walk you through the legal requirements so that you can have the perfect wedding anywhere in the world.

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Whatever place you choose for your Destination Wedding Planning will be a day to remember forever, thanks to the many creative and dependable wedding vendors we have worked with over the years. We will do everything to plan a flawless destination wedding that your family and friends will enjoy.

Our destination wedding planning crew will be there for you every step of the way, allowing you to have as many plans, ideas, and visions for your wedding as you can think of!

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Benefits Of Destination Wedding Planning



Destination Wedding Planning: Destination weddings might be significantly easier to arrange and carry out than local weddings. Even though it can be quite challenging to coordinate an event long-distance, it is simpler to plan a wedding in a remote location.

The fact that many locations have pre-made Destination Wedding Planning packages provided by experienced wedding planners makes it simpler. The bride and groom only need to make a few decisions because everything else is taken care of as part of the packages, which include all the elements needed for a lovely wedding.

Professional wedding planners specializing in Destination Wedding Planning, who are situated at the preferred location, can help the couple if they wish to design their wedding. They can take care of all the subtle elements that require attention.

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The cost of a destination wedding is often lower than a local wedding. The bride and groom pay for their resort stay, wedding package, or custom design, and the guests cover their travel and lodging costs. 

Depending on their budget, a couple can have a big or small wedding. When guests stay longer, reserve a particular number of rooms, and plan their honeymoon at the same location, resorts may offer them discounts and promotions.


The stressful nature of wedding planning sometimes results in drama and uncertainty for the newlyweds from family and friends. Since the wedding is far away and just a few guests may attend, having a destination wedding greatly reduces stress.

Additionally, a wedding package that contains everything the couple needs gives them the convenience they need to unwind and enjoy the day. They still need to take care of a few little things, but for the most part, the resort staff handles all the preparations for the wedding.

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Typically, attendees at destination weddings are responsible for covering their lodging and transport costs. Some guests frequently decide not to attend the wedding due to this.

Even though it’s sad that not everyone invited will be able to attend, those who truly care about you will likely find a way to support you, no matter what. Only inviting the people that mean the most to you will make your wedding more personal. It might reduce expenditures by reducing the number of guests!


Some couples even decide to travel to where their families originally came from. It has special significance for couples to learn about one another’s heritage or local culture; some couples may even decide to include that culture in their wedding ceremony.

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Why Us?

Organising a destination wedding might be daunting without the required time and local expertise. As destination wedding planners, we know that many of our clients opt to forgo devoting too much time to organising their ideal wedding from a distance owing to time constraints and job obligations. 

We are experts at handling anything from tiny, private family gatherings to huge, extravagant parties. Our team at Wedding Chiefs can handle every aspect of planning your wedding, including venue reservations, vendor coordination, and overall layout and design. 

We provide a personalised service, providing complete attention to you by accompanying you not only on your initial viewing of potential venues but also on any subsequent visits and during your wedding.

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We have worked with couples who have arranged stunning weddings with only a few months (or days!) to spare, although 9 to 15 months prior planning is the ideal window for securing the best travel costs. We generally advise couples to start the planning process as soon as possible, especially with large groups, if they have the leisure to do so.

Experts advise allocating 5–10% to the wedding budget for a wedding planner. Beyond being convenient, having a wedding planner ultimately saves couples time and money while giving them peace of mind on their big day.

A wedding planner eventually saves money by suggesting less expensive vendors, precisely analysing costs, and doing much more, even though the additional expense may seem counterintuitive to staying under your initial budget.

Hiring someone knowledgeable about nearby providers with practical suggestions and experience organising events abroad will make the wedding planning process go more smoothly.

Your closest friends and family members being able to attend is crucial if you’re considering arranging a destination wedding. Consult with your loved ones about a destination wedding before making any decisions. 

You might have a small, destination wedding and reception in your home if certain family members you know you want to be there on your big day but are unable to make it can’t make it. Additionally, selecting the appropriate location could impact who can attend. Fewer guests could decide to come if your location is very far away or pricey.

Therefore, when choosing a wedding location, be sure to take your guest list into account.