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Wedding Chiefs That Go Above & Beyond For Your Special Day

Wedding Planner

A personalised and thoughtful approach to planning weddings and events that are visually, tactilely, and emotionally engaging.

Wedding Jewelry

Looking for diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, or maybe anklets? Take a look at our selection of diamond-studded jewellery.

Wedding Cakes

What’s a wedding reception without a cake for the traditional husband and wife's first meal? We can help you customize any themed cake you'd like.

Wedding Stationery

Create with us your perfect wedding stationeries, such as invitations, RSVP cards, direction cards, ceremony booklet, and the like.

Wedding Photographers

Capture every moment and feel nostalgic over and over again when you look at your wedding photos and videos.

Wedding Catering

Food keeps the heart and soul warm after two hearts unite as one. Do some taste tests and plan out what you’ll serve your guests with us.

We Never Miss Out On Anything For Your Special Day

Thank you so much for being there for us through the wedding planning process. Both of you are so friendly, professional, hard working & helpful. Thank you for making sure every moment of our five day wedding went so smoothly. It was so reassuring knowing you were there to make sure everything went as we had wished.

Anissa Sophie

Let’s get connect and discuss about your project


Rather than look at ourselves as employees that work for you, we see ourselves as fairy godmothers that will help make your dreams come true. For us, nothing beats seeing two people who love each other be united in the most luxurious, elegant, and magical moment possible.

Yes! You definitely still have control over your wedding. In fact, you will choose the initial plan while we’re in the planning stage. Once things get into motion, that’s the time we remove some of the stress for you because we will handle all the grunt work, so you won’t have to.

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If you want to know how long your wedding idea will take– you can always