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Are you looking for a cheap wedding reception venue in the UK? Here are 9 of the best options. From small weddings to major events, these venues can offer you the perfect sound and production capabilities for your event.

The Waterfront In Staffordshire: Perfect Choice For Cheap Wedding Reception Venues 

Staffordshire is located in the northwest of England and is one of the UK’s most affordable wedding reception venues. This is due to the fact that there are large numbers of wedding venues in the area, as well as a wide variety of services that they offer.

Staffordshire’s Waterfront is the ideal location for a wedding. It is a distinctive and lovely wedding location on a canal with lots of character, exposed brickwork, and marina views. 

For a reasonable price, you’ll receive the Crow’s Nest Suite exclusively, a three-course wedding breakfast for 40 guests, a nighttime buffet for 40 guests, an in-house DJ, a sweet cart, treats, and much more!

Owlpen Manor In Gloucestershire

Owlpen Manor is a wedding reception venue in Gloucestershire, England. It is one of the cheaper options on the market but offers excellent value for money. It has a range of facilities, including a dance floor, a games room, and a lounge. The main selling point of Owlpen Manor is its price. It can be rented for events of up to 100 people, making it an ideal choice for smaller weddings or Family Events.

There are areas for 20 to 200 people in the church, Great Hall, and Cyder House barn. You should take pictures in the Old English formal gardens. The massive wood cider press at the 1446-old medieval Cyder Barn provides a distinctive setting.

Brickhouse Vineyard In Devon

Brickhouse Vineyard is a wedding reception venue in Devon that offers great value for your money. With plenty of parking and easy access to the chapel, it’s easy to find and use this venue for your next function.

Brickhouse Vineyard is the ideal hidden treasure in the charming South Devon hills. You will have sole use of the venue and total solitude as you exchange vows amidst 20 acres of grapes and woodland, making it ideal for small-budget wedding venues. Of course, the finest wine the South of England offers will also be available to you.

The Shropshire Golf Centre In Shropshire

The Shropshire Golf Centre’s Farmhouse, which dates back to 1818, is filled with exquisite chandeliers and rafters. Thanks to the recent renovations, your guests can unwind in the separate Library Bar and snug, which has beautiful furnishings. 

The Shropshire Golf Centre is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable wedding reception venue.

The Pumping House In Nottinghamshire

This red brick, Grade II-listed building in Nottinghamshire is stunningly bright. The old Pumping House’s original chimney is still standing, and it is situated on six acres in the midst of Sherwood Forest, providing a stunning and unique backdrop for photographs.

In addition to spaces for drinks and other amenities, it boasts two permitted civil ceremony halls, including the majestic Engine Hall or the serene Ollerton Room for the wedding meal.

When considering a wedding package, it is important to consider the cost of accommodation and food. If you are looking for a low-cost wedding package, The Pumping House should be at the top of your list. This wedding reception venue offers great value for your money.

Holmes Mill In Lancashire

Holmes Mill is a wedding reception venue in the UK’s Lancashire area. This place is known for its low prices and great quality. It offers services such as tents, barriers, and DJs to make your event run smoothly.

The pinnacle of contemporary industrial chic is in this old textile mill in the quaint Lancashire town of Clitheroe. It’s a remarkable space with lots of natural light and character, featuring exposed beams, organically textured walls, and even some old mill equipment.

Holmes Mill offers meals for wedding breakfasts at £35 per person. It can hold 50 to 150 people, making it perfect for a charming gathering. Additionally, the staff is always willing to help with anything you need and always happy to answer any questions. Holmes Mill is a great choice for an affordable wedding reception!

Knightor Winery In Cornwall

The most unforgettable Cornish weddings occur at this distinctive winery above St Austell Bay. The classic stone barn, farmhouse (12 beds), courtyard, and three acres of vines, gardens, and a pond are all yours to use exclusively. Knightor Winery is the ideal location for weddings outdoors or in a rustic barn for small groups of up to 180 evening guests.

Knightor Winery is one of the cheap wedding reception venues in the UK. It offers many services, from setting up a banquet hall to providing wines and spirits. Its location is perfect for small weddings or those with a limited budget. The wine selection is also good, and the prices are reasonable.

Bassmead Manor Barns in Cambridgeshire

Bassmead Manor Barns’ laid-back ambience and roomy, open-plan layout will win you. It combines ancient barns with a modern welcome area. With its traditional oak beams, wrought iron chandeliers, and shimmering fairy lights, the 300-year-old Rickety Barn makes a lovely rustic backdrop for your event.

Bassmead Manor Barns is a wedding venue located in Cambridgeshire, England. It has an intimate feel which makes it perfect for smaller weddings. The barn also has several rooms for hire, making it easy to find space for your guests.

Globe At Hay In Herefordshire

The renowned Globe at Hay is located in the storied town of Hay-on-Wye. This charming former Methodist Church is now a licensed arts and events venue divided into three sections. It’s a lovely, cosy room for weddings of up to 60 people with magnificent double-height ceilings and the original pulpit.

Globe at Hay is one of the best options if you’re looking for an affordable wedding reception venue with a great selection of options. With a wide variety of options, you’re sure to find the perfect wedding reception spot!


If you want an affordable wedding venue in the United Kingdom, consider some of the top choices above. With reasonable rates and plenty of choices, you should be able to find the perfect wedding spot for your budget!

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Finding an affordable venue can help to research different options before choosing one.  Doing this lets you find a wedding venue that fits your budget and personality perfectly.

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